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Thunder Cats Thunder Cats Deluxe Vehicle With Action Figure Collection

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Thunder Cats Thunder Cats Deluxe Vehicle

045557330705 is the barcode, also called the "Universal Product Code" for this excellent product. Just one of the best features for these toys is the combine the thunder tank with lion-o and tygra? s thunderracers for additional play. The Thunder Cats toy is 12" Height x 5" Length x 12" Width. The warranty information from the manufacturer is ninety day warranty against defects. Where to buy the Thunder Cats Thunder Cats Deluxe Vehicle . For more information on this toy, click on our affilate button on this site.


Model: 33070
UPS: 045557330705

Thunder, Thunder, Thunder Cats Hooo! The Thunder Tank comes having a 4 scaled Snarf figure, designed to activate the magnetic Thunder Cats, Hooo! Roll into battle with all of the 2011 Thunder Cats Thunder Tank from the all new Thunder Cats animated adventure series from Warner Bros. sound effects. * Combine the Thunder Tank with Lion O and Tygras Thunder Racers for additional play * To initiate Thunder Racers push buttons on back of Thunder Tank to launch the two Thunder Racers. Animation! * The Thunder Tank includes a 4 scaled exclusive figure of Snarf with embedded magnet named Thunder Lynx, which will be utilized to activate a exclusive figure * To activate lights and Thunder Cats, Hooo! phrase, place Snarf or any 4 figure (item #33000) inside the cockpit * Press the middle button on the Thunder Tank to activate Lion Os voice that says Thundertank Fire! It will also initiate Lion Os voice that says Thunder Tank Launch!


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